“No kill am for us oh” – Reactions as Wizkid almost beaten to a pulp by one of his Friend (Video)

Wizkid playfully fights friend

There’s been quite a buzz lately surrounding a video featuring the popular Nigerian singer, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, affectionately known as Wizkid, engaging in a playful physical altercation with one of his closest friends.

In this hilarious video that’s been circulating online, Wizkid, who is notably slim in stature, finds himself in a friendly tussle with his hefty buddy. It’s evident that Wizkid’s boxing skills don’t quite match up to his musical prowess showcased in his songs and energetic stage performances that captivate fans worldwide.

In the video, you can see Wizkid frantically running from the living room to the bedroom, desperately trying to evade his determined friend, who insists on delivering a knockout blow while chasing him.

Ultimately, Wizkid’s friend manages to catch up with him, playfully pinning him down on the bed. It’s all in good fun!

If you’re curious, feel free to watch the entertaining video below.


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