UNICAL Dean Responds to Allegations of Misconduct: “Fabricated Lies to Tarnish My Image

Prof. Cyril Ndifon, the esteemed Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Calabar, Cross River State, has come forward to address the serious allegations of misconduct leveled against him by some students.

The allegations surfaced through videos circulating online, depicting students engaged in a protest, brandishing placards with provocative statements such as “We Seek an End to Unacceptable Behavior,” “We are tired of sucking big ****” “Ensuring a Safe Environment for All,” and “Upholding Integrity in Academia.”

In response, Prof. Ndifon firmly denied the accusations, deeming them as baseless fabrications aimed at tarnishing his reputation. He expressed his disappointment that such damaging claims had been propagated without credible evidence to support them.

Furthermore, Prof. Ndifon posited that the protest might have been orchestrated by certain individuals within his academic circle who harbor ulterior motives. He suggested that this orchestrated effort could be rooted in personal vendettas or rivalries among faculty members seeking to undermine his leadership as the dean of the esteemed law faculty.

In his statement, Prof. Ndifon stated, “I am deeply disheartened by the allegations that have been leveled against me. I want to unequivocally state that these claims are nothing more than a calculated attempt to smear my name. I have dedicated my career to upholding the highest standards of ethics and professionalism within our academic community. I am confident that the truth will come to light and my integrity will prevail.”

As the university community waits for a thorough investigation to shed light on the allegations, it remains evident that this situation has brought forth a stark reminder of the importance of fairness, due process, and transparency. Regardless of the outcome, this incident underscores the significance of addressing any concerns within the academic environment promptly and justly.

It is imperative to allow the investigation to run its course and ensure that all parties involved have the opportunity to present their sides of the story. Only then can an informed conclusion be reached, fostering an atmosphere of trust and accountability within the academic community at the University of Calabar.

Prof. Ndifin said;

“Since I defeated some persons in an election that was keenly contested, to emerge as Dean of the faculty, it hasn’t been easy. I had skipped several booby traps.

“These allegations are baselessly masterminded by my detractor, who had vowed to ensure that my image is dragged into the mud just because I won the faculty elections twice.

“If you look at the placards you will discover that the placards have one person’s handwriting. Again how come the protesters know that we were holding a meeting with the Vice Chancellor if it is not the handiwork of an insider?

“We were supposed to hold a meeting with the Vice Chancellor to enable us to iron out important issues troubling us in the faculty, while the meeting was ongoing, we were told that some students were outside with placards, protesting against me, demanding that I should be unseated.

“From what am told, LAWSAN President, Benedict Otu, cajoled some students that they were to go for a meeting with the Vice Chancellor at her office, only to dish out placards bearing false representations about the Dean, and asked his colleagues to chant slogans that berated my personality.

“This won’t work. Colleagues of mine who are bent on tarnishing my reputation just to destroy me. The question is where are the victims of sexual harassment?

“Can someone harass girls without the ladies coming out to raise the alarm that they were sexually harassed?

“For Christ’s sake, I don’t teach Year 2 B or Year 1 students, so I don’t know why they have chosen to drag my name into the mud. This was why I said earlier that the allegations were lies, cooked from the pit of hell, just to destroy a reputation that I had spent decades building.”

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