Month: January 2024

  • Infinix Nigeria Gift Dedicated Wife Who Cooks at 4:50 am for Husband

    Infinix Nigeria has extended a generous offer to a Nigerian woman who diligently wakes up at 4:50 am to prepare breakfast for her husband. The mobile phone manufacturer, Infinix, expressed their admiration for the woman’s dedication and hopes to reward her with one of their newest devices, the Infinix Hot 40.

    shared multiple posts tagging the woman, @_Debbie_OA, asking if she would be interested in using their latest phone model. This gesture from Infinix follows a trend of various gifts being sent to the woman after she disclosed her commitment to early morning cooking. This decision was prompted by the realization that her husband’s colleague was providing him with meals at his workplace.

    In addition to the gifts pouring in from social media users, The official @InfinixNigeria page took notice of the woman’s use of their mobile phone in the photos she shared on her social media. seizing the opportunity, Infinix Nigeria made an offer to the woman, expressing their desire for her to experience the advanced features of their latest device, the Infinix Hot 40.

    Their message to her reads: “Hi, @_Debbie_OA, we love that you currently use one of our phones. With that in mind, we would love for you to experience the features of our latest device: The Infinix Hot 40. How does that sound?”

    Infinix Nigeria Gift Dedicated Wife Who Cooks at 4:50 am for Husband

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