Davido’s Cousin Reveals How Burna Boy Was Running After Their Car First Time They Met Him in PH

B-Red, also known as Adebayo Adeleke, shared an interesting anecdote about Burna Boy’s first encounter with his famous hip-hop superstar cousin, Davido, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

During an interview at Echo Room on Friday, B-Red, who happens to be the son of Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, revealed that Burna Boy was thrilled to see both him and Davido.

In a recent interview that caused quite a buzz on social media, Davido stated that he and Wizkid were among the first Nigerian music artists to make a significant breakthrough on the global stage and introduce Nigerian music to an international audience. Davido also mentioned some emerging talents like Rema, Fireboy, Mayorkun, and Asake, including Burna Boy in the list. He described them as the new generation taking Afrobeats to a worldwide audience.

B-Red’s account seemed to support Davido’s claims. He said, “When I first met Burna Boy in Port Harcourt, he was running after me and Davido, telling us how much he loved our music.”

B-Red also shared his own musical journey, talking about his early struggles in Atlanta, United States, where he hustled alongside his brother, Shina Rambo. He revealed that he was the one who encouraged Davido to pursue singing. As Davido gained popularity, B-Red’s name gradually became recognized, and he embarked on his own music career.

Collaborating with Davido, B-Red eventually made his way into the mainstream music scene, experiencing some success.

Davido’s statement sparked extensive reactions on social media, with some people agreeing with his classification, acknowledging 2018 and the song “YE” as the starting point of Burna Boy’s rise to stardom.

However, others disagreed, pointing out Burna Boy’s early success with his 2012 hit single “Like To Party” as evidence that he cannot be considered a newcomer in the industry.

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