Barack Obama taps Michelle’s Backside at the Acropolis in Greece

Barack Obama is savoring the grandeur of one of Greece’s most revered historical sites.

However, Barack admiration seems to be equally directed towards his wife Michelle’s captivating presence. The astute former President couldn’t resist playfully lending Michelle a hand on Wednesday during their visit to the famous Acropolis in Athens.

As they gracefully ascended a staircase together at the venue, Barack’s left hand affectionately rested on Michelle’s backside.

Though engaged in this playful gesture, they ensured their daughters, Malia and Sasha, were in close proximity, sparing them from witnessing any parental public displays of affection.

The Obama family, presently attending an Obama Foundation event in Greece, took a momentary pause from their official engagements to indulge in the wonders of the tourist experience.

The evident spark between Barack and Michelle remains as vibrant as ever.

Their enduring connection traces back to their initial encounter in the summer of 1989 when they coincidentally worked at the same law firm, making their flame burn steadily for decades.

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