Russia Army destroys a US Patriot missile system worth $1.1 billion in Ukraine.

During Russia’s most recent “merciless” assault on the Ukrainian capital over the course of one night, Vladimir Putin reportedly targeted the advanced air defense battery.

War-hungry According to reports, Putin threw a fit and ordered the unprecedented missile strikes when the UK sent “game-changing” Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine.

The President was incensed by the most recent influx of supplies for the battlefield, and his spokesman promised there would be a “adequate response”.

He also appears to have destroyed Kyiv’s vital surface-to-air missile defense system, going right for the heart.

Powerful radar, a control center, a power generator, launch pads, and various support vehicles are all part of the system.

The system and missiles in a battery cost an outrageous $1.1 billion ($400 million for the system and $690 million for the battery as a whole), but Ukraine gained an incomparable edge while defending itself from air strikes. A Patriot missile costs over $4 million to fire, and images from last night alone indicated that several were launched.

this action indicates that Ukraine has racked up a huge debt trying to defend Kyiv from russian attacks last night

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