“You’ve seen pant, congrats” – Singer Ayra Starr fires back at critic who faulted her raunchy outfit

In response, the 21-year-old singer of Mavins Record Ayra Starr, seemingly fed up with the constant criticism and attacks on her fashion choices, clapped back at the critic

True to her bold and unapologetic style, the songstress confidently graced the stage in an outfit that pushed boundaries. Her top was so scanty that it barely provided coverage for her breasts, while her skirt boldly sat just below her buttocks, teasing a glimpse of her underwear.

However, the provocative ensemble triggered a wave of disapproval among numerous social media users who wasted no time expressing their disdain for her choice of attire.

Amidst the sea of critical comments, one tweet managed to capture Ayra Starr’s attention. A Twitter user, identified as @solofficially, appeared to accuse her of deliberately inciting lustful thoughts in the minds of men and lesbians through her provocative dressing.

The tweet read, “You can be a female singer without promoting lustful thoughts in the heads of men or lesbians.” The words struck a nerve with the young singer, who had grown weary of incessant judgment and unsolicited opinions on her fashion sense.

In response, the 21-year-old singer, brimming with frustration and defiance, decided to confront her critic head-on. With her words, she aimed to assert her independence and challenge the notion that her clothing choices were responsible for the thoughts of others.

“These are literally matching shorts,” she fired back, her words dripping with sarcasm. “But amazing for you! You’ve seen pants! Congratulations, you’ve finally achieved something in your life.”

Through her biting response, Ayra Starr aimed to reclaim her autonomy, sending a powerful message that she would not be shackled by societal expectations or silenced by the judgment of others. She stood firm in her belief that her artistic expression should not be stifled by the narrow perspectives of those who sought to impose their opinions upon her.


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Singer Ayra Starr fires back at critic who faulted her raunchy outfit

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