UK schools introduce an@l s+x and mast¥rb@tion into lesson plans of nine and twelve-year-olds

According to a report by the Daily Mail, there are concerns about teachers in UK schools promoting scientifically incorrect ideas about biological sex and presenting gender as fluid, leading to the belief that individuals can be born in the wrong body.

The report also suggests that children are being exposed to explicit sexual content before reaching puberty, with claims that lessons include information about anal sex, orgasms, and masturbation, even assigning “masturbation” as homework.

The Tavistock Centre, which provides puberty blockers, is facing legal action from families who allege that their children were rushed into taking these life-altering medications.

The Daily Mail claims to have found graphic teaching materials, including a sex manual for pre-teens, being used in classrooms across the UK.

Some parents have been denied access to the content taught in Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) classes, which have been compulsory for three years.

The report highlights questionable teaching resources available online, such as coloring books, word searches, and cartoons, which are said to sexualize children under the guise of inclusion.

Certain charities, with unconventional views on biological sex, have filled the guidance gap left by the mandatory implementation of RSE. The report also alleges that children are being taught explicit information about sexual pleasure, including techniques for 12-year-old girls to achieve orgasm through masturbation, including pinching or stroking the clitoris.

The distinction between gender and sex is discussed, with children being taught that gender is more intrinsic to a person’s identity and that individuals can change their sex. The report argues that these teachings contradict biological principles.

The report further mentions the use of explicit materials in lessons for children with learning disabilities and the involvement of charities such as the Sex Education Forum (SEF), Coram Life Education, and Brook in creating lesson plans and providing educational resources for teachers.

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