Popular chef – Hilda Baci Defends Her Dress Sense

Renowned chef and record-breaking sensation, Hilda Baci, has made an impassioned plea to Nigerians, urging them to look beyond her appearance and recognize her remarkable talent and unwavering determination in placing Nigeria on the global stage.

Baci’s statement comes as a response to the widespread criticism she faced regarding her attire following her meteoric rise to fame as she attempted to break the world record in cooking.

The 27-year-old chef first captured the public’s attention when she courageously endeavored to cook continuously for 100 hours, aiming to shatter existing records. However, this achievement was overshadowed by the emergence of some revealing photographs from her past, leading to a mix of reactions concerning her personality traits.

Addressing the media in Lagos on Thursday, the Akwa Ibom-born chef robustly defended her sense of fashion, asserting that one can embrace their sensuality while still making a significant impact as a change-maker.

“I don’t have to be dressed like a nun to make it in life. One can be sexy and still amazing, beautiful, and smart. I shouldn’t be taken back because of my looks or dressing as this does not determine my values or endowment.” Baci confidently proclaimed.

The young chef fervently appealed to society to allow young women the freedom to express themselves without facing condemnation, emphasizing her determination to showcase both her slaying style and her intellectual prowess. She added, “I’ve volunteered myself to say I slay and I have something up in the brain.”

While eagerly awaiting official validation from the Guinness Book of Records, Baci expressed unwavering optimism about the approval of her record-breaking feat. She emphasized that all guidelines had been meticulously followed, leaving no room for doubt. Baci affirmed, “We complied with all the guidelines and never left any stone unturned. We didn’t fall short in any area and this is quite evident and clear. The cook-a-thon is a deliberate attempt and not a child’s play. Our preparations were robust, hence I don’t expect to be disappointed”

Revealing her future plans, the record-breaking culinary sensation expressed her desire to promote Nigerian recipes on a global scale, expand her restaurant, and contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s culinary industry.

However, she candidly admitted that embarking on her next steps filled her with a sense of apprehension.

By expanding my business, I want to create jobs and contribute meaningfully to the economy. I’m anticipating a situation where the earnings of chefs in Nigeria will be as competitive as employees in the oil company.

Baci shared. “I feel the culinary space is under-rated, I want to change the narratives. I intend to work with a lot of brands to add value to their customers and brands towards their sustainability.”

Baci expressed deep gratitude to her dedicated team and the Nigerian brands that steadfastly supported her throughout her remarkable journey, turning her ambitious project into a resounding reality.

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