Marriage is an institution. It is not an achievement. – Reno Omokri

According to Reno Omokri, marriage should be viewed as an institution rather than an achievement. He emphasizes that being married does not define or fulfill a person.

In a recent Twitter post, Reno expressed his belief that an individual’s completeness comes from within, from being true to oneself as intended by God, rather than being dependent on their marital status or the person they are with.

”Marriage is an institution. It is not an achievement. It does not complete you. It should not even complete you. You are complete because of who God made you, not because of who you are with. So if marriage comes during this brief gift of time that we call life, grab it and be happy. But if it does not arrive, leave it and still be joyful. Life without a husband, wife, and children is still life. Enjoy it!”


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