I have forgiven President Buhari- Gov Ortom

In a candid interview on Arise Television, Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State made a remarkable statement on May 24, expressing his forgiveness towards President Buhari. This notable announcement comes after President Buhari’s apology in April to all discontented Nigerians, urging them to forgive any grievances he may have caused.

Governor Ortom, who has been engaged in a prolonged confrontation with the Buhari administration concerning the disruptive actions of herdsmen within his state, responded to the President’s plea for forgiveness with an act of magnanimity. He stated, “I have chosen to forgive President Buhari,” reflecting his willingness to let go of past resentments and foster a spirit of reconciliation.

Governor Ortom’s forgiveness signifies a significant turning point in the strained relationship between his administration and the President’s, indicating a renewed hope for dialogue and collaboration. By extending forgiveness, Governor Ortom sets an example of unity and emphasizes the importance of healing divisions for the betterment of the nation.

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