Domestic servant kills employer with pestle in Awka, Anambra State. watch video Confession

A domestic servant kills employer with pestle in Awka, Anambra State. Deceased, Chima Anolue, Psychology Department lecturer at Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Attack occurred Friday night, July 14, 2023, at Ifite village in Awka. Servant bruises body with knife to stage third-party attack. Servant admits to repeatedly hitting boss with pestle after confrontation about household duties.

Argument escalates, boss slaps servant, leading to fatal fight. Servant recounts incident: boss asked about unwashed plates, slapped servant, and began flogging him. Servant retaliates, picks up pestle, strikes boss. Initially denies killing, later confesses after interrogation and beating.

Family discovers suspect’s attempt to choke victim in the vehicle. Victim mentions suspect’s name before passing away.

The suspect from Abakaliki area of Ebonyi State.

The Suspect has been Handed over to Awka police for further questioning. Deceased’s body deposited at morgue.

Friends and colleagues mourn on Facebook.

“Chima was my brother. A wonderful chorister and a fine choir leader. He comes from one of the finest family in Igboukwu, his parents have loved me like their son right from my days as an undergraduate,” one Arinze wrote.

Friends and families express so much pain over painful death of

Not once, not twice but three times this animal hit Chima with a pestle on his skull.….Chima wasn’t kidnapped, he didn’t have a road accident neither did he die in his sleep.

His beautiful young and promising life was cut short right inside his home by a person he housed, clothed, fed and paid. I don’t know how I feel or have felt since yesterday.


In the video, the suspect said;

“When he came back, he told me to cook rice. And as I was cooking the rice, he asked me why I did not wash plates. I did not reply. He then asked why I wasn’t responding to his question. In the process, he slapped me. But I told him I usually have ear problems, and that people don’t slap me. As I was saying that, he angrily asked why I was interrupting him and he slapped me again.

I got angry and we started fighting. After he overpowered me, I looked around and saw a pestle which I used in hitting him. I struck him three times with the pestle and stopped after he started bleeding” he said

After intense interrogation, the initially uncooperative suspect eventually admitted to the murder of his master, following a thorough beating prompted by his suspicious behavior.

Chima Uzoagu, a Facebook user who identified the deceased as his brother, revealed that the househelp took the life of the victim as a result of being reprimanded for allowing the food he was preparing to burn.

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