ASUU warns: Student Loan Bill may force students out of school.

ASUU Opposes Student Loan Bill, Fearing Adverse Impact on Students’ Education

The Student Loan Bill, recently approved by President Bola Tinubu, has drawn strong criticism from the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), who argue that it poses a threat of forcing numerous students to abandon their education.

In a conversation with Daily Trust, Professor Emmanuel Osodeke, President of ASUU, expressed concerns that this legislation could have detrimental consequences for millions of prospective students who rely on tuition-free higher education institutions to access knowledge.

“In a country where over 133 million people live below the poverty line, the introduction of tuition fees would be counterproductive,” remarked Prof. Osodeke.

He further explained that if tuition fees were implemented, a large majority of students whose parents cannot afford the financial burden would be compelled to withdraw from their studies out of frustration.

This outcome, he warned, could ignite social unrest as these students may feel compelled to fight against the society that failed to provide them with equal educational opportunities.

However, Prof. Osodeke emphasized the need for accurate information regarding the legislation before determining the appropriate course of action.

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