128,770 Nigerian Students Travel to UNITED KINGDOM BETWEEN 2015-2022

Analysis of the data obtained from the Higher Education Statistics Agency of the UK has revealed that, A total Number of 128,770 Nigerian Students were enrolled in universities in the United Kingdom.

Statistics indicate that 16,100 Nigerians were enrolled in UK Universities in 2015/2016.

There was a sharp decline as only 12,655 Nigerians were enrolled in the 2016/2017 session, due to experts blaming the recession back in Nigeria.

The number of Nigerian Students had a rapid increase of 64% during the 2020/2021 session, 21,305 students were enrolled

HESA revealed the latest data available, 44,195 students where enrolled for 2021/2022 session, so far it is the highest since Nigeria’s independence 1960

Foreign tertiary institutions and their respective countries have continued to benefit from the migration of the Nigerian students to oversea institutions.

The UK is set to announce a new restrictions over the Nigerian students and other nationalities studying in their Country.

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