Tragic Incident: Female Nigerian Air Force Officer Takes Her Own Life at Lagos Military Base

In a deeply distressing incident, a female officer of the Nigerian Air Force, identified as George, has tragically ended her own life by hanging at her residence in Ikeja, Lagos State.

According to reports, George, a Master Warrant Officer stationed at the 651 Base Services Group Resident in Block T5 Flat 8, located in Sam Ethnan Air Force Base Ikeja, took this drastic step on Saturday, June 10, 2023.

Sources indicate that on Sunday, June 11, her lifeless body was discovered in her room by an intelligence source, Zagaza Makama, who is a Counter-Insurgency Expert and Security Analyst. Three Air Provosts, accompanied by a team of personnel, arrived to assess the situation and transport the deceased to the 661 Nigerian Air Force Hospital.

The source shared the following information: “Master Warrant Officer George, a female personnel of the Nigerian Air Force serving at the 651 Base Services Group Resident in Block T5 Flat 8, Sam Ethnan Air Force Base Ikeja, reportedly took her own life inside her room at approximately 2:00 PM on June 10, 2023. Presently, efforts are underway by three Air Provosts to transport her to the 661NAFH for further investigation.”

This unfortunate incident highlights the urgent need to address mental health and well-being within the military and the wider community.

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