Optiva Capital Partners announces Sponsorship of the Funnybone Live Show, coming soon in Lagos

Get ready for a spectacular event that will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart with laughter! We are delighted to announce that Optiva Capital Partners, the shining star in investment immigration, wealth management, and investment advisory services, is proudly sponsoring the fabulous ‘Responsible Funnybone Live’ event in Lagos! Mark your calendars for June 11, 2023, and join us at the enchanting Eko Hotel and Suites Lagos.

As the ultimate sponsor of this year’s Funnybone Live, Optiva Capital Partners is spreading joy by supporting extraordinary talents in the entertainment industry. Just earlier this year, we had the honor of headlining the Ali Baba January 1st Concert, a truly unforgettable evening filled with entertainment, empowerment, and laughter.

By taking the spotlight at Ali Baba’s concert and now becoming the ultimate sponsor of Funnybone Live Lagos in June, Optiva Capital Partners showcases not only its expertise in investment immigration services but also its passion for creating unforgettable experiences for art and entertainment enthusiasts in Nigeria.

Speaking about this upcoming extravaganza, the Chairman of Optiva Capital Partners, the wonderful Franklin Nechi, exclaimed, “We are over the moon to headline this year’s Funnybone Live! Optiva Capital Partners is committed to nurturing talents across Nigeria, and Funnybone Live is just one of the many ways we’re doing so. By providing exceptional services in investment immigration and wealth management, we go above and beyond for our stakeholders. Additionally, we’re thrilled to economically impact the arts and entertainment industry by supporting events like this, creating a ripple effect throughout the entire value chain.”

Prepare to be enchanted by the host of the evening, the amazing comedian Stanley Chibunna, aka Funny Bone! Known for his unmatched wit and brilliant comedy displays, he guarantees an electrifying experience that will leave you in stitches.

Funnybone Live Lagos is undoubtedly the comedy event everyone’s been eagerly anticipating in 2023, and this year’s edition promises to be nothing short of spectacular!

Optiva Capital Partners, the biggest investment and immigration processing company in Africa, offers exceptional investment programs that can grant you and your family second citizenship and permanent residency. If you’re a Nigerian seeking to expand your horizons, safeguard, grow, and optimize your wealth, Optiva is here to make your dreams come true.

For more information about this extraordinary company, be sure to follow Optiva Capital Partners on its social media handles. Don’t miss out on this incredible event, and let’s make unforgettable memories together!

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